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Motion-sensitive deodorant: the official anti-perspirant of the end of days

May 28, 2011

Grab your handcarts! Swing your sandwich boards over your head! Snog that person you’ve always wanted to – it’s the end of days. Officially.

I’ve just seen an advert for a deodorant that features motion-sensitive technology. Spray this concoction and it will release some scientific-looking weird ball things that pop when you move (according to Nature, Science or whichever renowned scientific publication peer-reviewed in triplicate the animation on the ad).

Firstly, I know plenty of people and situations in which movement is not a necessary prelude for sweating. I’m worried that this will lead to users moving more, to ensure the pseudoscience bubbles are activated. But by moving more, you’re just exercising more and thus requiring greater deodorising action. IT’S A CONSPIRACY TO MAKE US BUY MORE SPRAY-ON SNAKE OIL.

Secondly, the ad creators chose to demonstrate the fact that women move by presenting females models literally WITH BELLS ON.

Nice bit of reflexivity normally absent from the dark art of advertising there.

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