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Things look tragic…

November 11, 2011

I was thinking the other day about the way little habits or tics can be seen completely differently by people. I’ve noticed a couple of things that I do routinely that are a bit weird but also, I hope, cute. On a day where my heart is harsher, I decide that these are tragic signs of a maladjusted idiot destined to live a sad and unfulfilled life. I’ll add to the list as things occur to me. Creepy or cute? Harmless or evil? Who knows?

1) Signing greetings cards from the cat

She already has a more popular Twitter stream, better quality healthcare and arguably a more varied and busy social life than me or Mr NS, so it stands to reason that the cat should sign any family birthday/Christmas/other cards. She signs her name and a paw, filled in with biro.

2) Waving goodbye to people, even when they’re on the other end of a phone

I have to make a concerted, conscious effort not to do this. Why should I? My waving is at worst crazy looking, and at best a cheap and low-impact way in which to tone up my bingo wings.

3) Leaving notes to myself in books

If I was less lazy I’d try and keep up my diary, but this slightly auto-stalking self-from-the-past-meets-self-from-the-present is quite fun to rediscover when leafing through old books. Also reassures/alerts me to the fact that very little changes.

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