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A pain in the gut

January 1, 2015

Pretty much instantly and without warning, my stomach decided that it had had enough of food, digestion and y’know doing all those alimentary things we take for granted.

A couple of weeks of painkillers were enough to put my stomach into theory mode. I was hungry, but a little while after I ate or drank anything, my abdomen turned into a solid burning mass. The doctor said it was gastritis. My stomach said it was too bad it was coming up to Christmas. Those free drinks would, in fact, have to drink themselves.

I read various forums to see what could be done for gastritis. Apart from the tablets I was given to quench the acid in my stomach, the main advice is listed euphemistically under headings like ‘lifestyle adjustment’. No biggie, just avoid citrus fruit, tomatoes, fatty foods, coffee, tea (any type), fizzy drinks and alcohol. Oh and chocolate. Oh and any joy, hope or pleasure you ever derived from any aspect of your life for ever.

Like an overweight pet salivating through the patio doors at a party buffet, I drooled but resisted the varied and delicious Christmas food and drink items December offered. I went back to the doctor, grumpy and barrel-like.

I carried on with the tablets, and gradually tried eating things from the black list. Now I’m pretty much back to normal, but with the knowledge of how horrible and debilitating it is to have to think about everything you might want to pop into your mouth and eat.

To anyone who does this on a daily basis – I feel for you. And to the inventor of proton pump inhibitors – cheers, this one’s for you.

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