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I am-aah micro man-aah gerrrrr

May 2, 2016

Or, an imagining in which The Fall’s Mark E Smith is every nightmarish micromanager ever.

  1. He just keeps saying the same things over and over. None of which makes sense.
  2. He’s always drunk (figuratively – with power, or literally – with alcohol, or both).
  3. He comes and fiddles with the volume settings on your amps (on stage), the line-spacing in your report (in the office) or the position of your monitor (both).
  4. He keeps changing the make-up of the team, assuming that there’s a problem with everyone else, rather than looking at the one constant in the WHOLE SORRY MESS (him).
  5. He’ll call a meeting at no notice, no matter how inconvenient to you or your customers.
  6. Ex-employees refer to each other using words like “survivor” or “recovering” on LinkedIn.



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